Go For It!

  • On July 21, 2015

As I return from a beautiful, invigorating and creative week in the Caribbean Sea where we all “Re-Invented OurSelves” in so many awesome ways, I am choosing to share during this Independence Day a beautiful poem entitle “GO FOR IT”….

As you read it through, take to the heart and bring in this coming week with fresh eyes and heart and go for it yourself in your own unique and beautiful life! 


Shake off your doubts and then go for it.

Check out your options and act.

Find an approach to the future,

And turn today’s dreams into fact.

Take a first step to tomorrow.

Start on the course of your choice.

Look at what life has to offer.

Listen to your inner voice.

Don’t live a life of regretting,

Stifled by negative force.

Think of what you can accomplish.

Steer an affirmative course.

Build on activities positive.

Work with abundance of heart.

By making the best of the present,

Change is the process you start.

Even though problems may surface,

Problems don’t have to prevail

As long as you’re one who is moving forward

And never just waiting to fail.

                       ~ Bruce Wilmer



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