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Sacred Feminine-Yoga & Dolphins Retreat

April 11, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - April 17, 2021 @ 2:00 pm







“Re-wilding the Sacred Feminine Heart”
Women Retreat

 Women who swim with Dolphins

 Inner Freedom, Yoga & Sacred Dolphins




Lydie Ometto and Sandra Rolus are inviting you to a deep dive within yourself
and re-wild your own Sacred Feminine Self.

~ Women who swim with Dolphins ~



“When women reassert their relationship with the wildish nature,
they are gifted with a permanent and internal watcher,
a knower, a visionary, an oracle, an inspiratrice, an intuitive,
a maker, a creator, an inventor, and a listener who guide,
suggest, and urge vibrant life in the inner and outer world.”
~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes









  • Through daily Integrative Yoga practices

  • Rebirth of the Wild Woman sessions

  • Womb Wisdom Activation guided meditations

  • Clarity BreathWork session

  • Sacred Fire Ceremony

  • Processes towards Re-Wilding the Sacred Feminine

  • Creative processes for inner connection

  • Swimming with wild dolphins

  • Amazing alive and vibrant food

  • Celebrations of life, love and new beginnings

  • Guided meditation and Yoga Nidra

  • Connecting to the power of Mother Ocean


We will be Retreating with a community of like-minded women where you can be sure that the Sacredness of the Feminine is the foundation of the love we will be expressing and experiencing.

Through this landscape, a deeper level of balance, strength and feminine power will be revealed and new horizons will be touched.


This is for ALL amazing women who love being in Nature, love to support and being supported by other powerful women, love to re-kindle their innate fire, love to re-wild their sacred feminine and love the deep transformational aspects of yoga.

For you who loves the ocean and love to remember the power within you.


During these 7 days we immerse ourselves in the ancient practices of guided visualization, ancestral healing, breathwork, sexual de-armoring, integrative yoga, meditation, mindfulness, healthy eating, movement awareness, playfulness, and creativity.

We will immerse ourselves daily in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Ocean and commune with the dance of Wild Dolphins as one pod, one heart.




Together we will dive into our unique Inner Sacred Feminine
reassert our relationship with the wildish nature of ourselves!

Rewilding is about returning to your true nature…
the free, fulfilled, and fully expressed woman you were born to be
before society told you who you should be.



You will also have the opportunity to swim on the Atlantis Road and dive into the history of Atlantis.


You will experience coral reefs full of life, much beauty from our mama Ocean,

PLUS you will feel the exhilaration of swimming and soul interacting with wild dolphins…in their natural habitat!


Our interactions with the wild Dolphins in their natural habitat are precious and priceless.

They are master healers and teachers,

ready to activate new levels of Freedom and connection in every cell of your being…



We together will dance under the stars,
welcome the Summer Solstice
and ignite new friendships & sisterhood.

Lydie Ometto, Sandra Rolus & the WildQuest Team draw from years of creating insightful and soul-meaningful experiences,
so all you have to do is to show up, dive-in, and be open to Embrace Life
and Re-discover the pure joys from it.




Retreat Highlights

*Daily practice of yoga asana, pranayama and meditation.
*Daily magical wild dolphin connections, snorkeling and Catamaran delight.
*Opportunity to swim the Atlantis Road (explored by Jacques Cousteau)
*Sessions on sexual de-armoring, ancestral healing, guided visualizations for re-wilding your sacred feminine and more…
*Nutritious food prepared with much Love.
*Playfulness and opportunities to rekindle your heart.
*Power of community, time for Self, the ocean breeze, a soothing hammock and lots of good times.
*Opportunity to explore the island on your own.
*Options for a Kayak stroll, a solo bike ride, a tanden bike ride, or a walk on the beach.


***This is YOUR time –everything is optional –participate for your liking.



*By learning how to “RE-WILDING” yourself,
you will activate your Feminine leadership qualities
where you lead from,
a heart-felt place that is wild,
free and compassionate.









The yoga practices, Nature, absence of stressful stimuli, total support with food and nurturing friendly environment allowed a living with all barriers and alarm systems removed.

This was fully a means of deepening into myself to feel, see and flow. Deepening of physical yoga practice and also complete restfulness while being active. 

So the duality disappeared. – Cathy Taylor, Registered Yoga Teacher, dental hygienist





Be 1 of ONLY 20 participants in this Re-wilding &
Intimate Sacred Feminine Journey!

10 spaces available – hurry for your registration




* Supportive community for a courageous deep dive into your own self,
* Intelligently designed framework for effective and easy learning,
* High level insightful life teachings shared in graceful ways.


This Retreat is a very unique and epic opportunity
Claim your Wild-ing Side






We will be gathering to start the Journey’s deep dive
right during the National Dolphin Day – APRIL 14th
-Amazing & powerful energies emerging them.




The Moon Phase during our week – week of APRIL 11-17, 2021 is the
‘inner-wisdom moon’
time between the
New Moon and the First Quarter Moon


so be open for great inner-discoveries opportunities…











About Lydie:


Lydie Ometto is an Integrative Wellness Practitioner as a lifelong enthusiastic yoga therapist and teacher (e-ryt500), an artist at heart, a creative physical & massage therapist, life & health coach, Reiki master, breathworker, and the creator of ‘Awakened Vitality Program’.

Lydie is a lover of supporting people to live abundantly by seeing the bold beauty within themselves.


Lydie brings to her classes a mixture of classical hatha yoga and a creative assort of chakras, mudras, mantras knowledge, as well as an exquisite awareness on the expression of the asanas (posture), by mindfully crafting energetic alignments.
A beautiful weaving of meditation and guided relaxation will be experienced, as well as a deeper connection to our Life Force- Prana, our Breath.


Lydie is a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and will be weaving this amazing healing tool through her sharing.







About Sandra:

Sandra Rolus’ mission is to help people release their Birth, Childhood and SEXUAL TRAUMA on a deep energetic level. Using Sexual de-Armouring, Soul re-Birthing, Trans-Generational & Ancestral Healing in combination with Shamanic Journeying, Breath work -and Timeline reimprinting techniques.


As a teacher , she is also an eternal student…. For decades she has trained with experts in various fields with the intent to reach deeper levels of awareness.


She loves to give and it’s her passion to make her work available to everybody, for that she has many free guided sessions on her YouTube channel, plus she offers private sessions and multiple day workshops that are designed to align you with your Highest potential, your vision of the future and birth a new you into being…












** For any of the participants of the Retreat who are Yoga Teachers registered with Yoga Alliance a total of 20 CEU hours will be offered.








what participants are saying :


I have recently attended Sandra’s Retreat and I cannot recommend it highly enough!!!! I have avoided doing  “women’s” work for many years but “fell” into the event by the grace of the universe and boy! am I glad I did. I cleared deep and inhibiting beliefs about myself on many levels and am SO grateful for Sandra’s loving guidance, generous nature and accomplished shamanic influence over the week. If you can possibly go to this Retreat, DO IT!!
Tina Spalding, best selling author and world renowned channeler from Salt Spring Island, BC

Lydie Ometto is astonishing. She is a ball of positive energy in human form. She offers invitation and provides a safe space for exploration, where everyone is welcome and loved.
Nancy Dickerson, Certified Yoga Teacher, Biology Teacher

I have just recently participated in a women’s retreat with Sandra Rolus. I’ve been to countless retreats and workshops, but I have to say this one is at the top of my list. It is the BEST retreat for women out there. Sandra is pure Shakti! She is the perfect embodiment of the Divine Feminine! Sandra’s sessions are truly transformational and effective in generating sexual, emotional, and karmic healing. You will be reborn again — a new, more holistic, freer, happier version of you.  I can’t recommend her retreats enough! Thank you, Sandra! You are a true gift to humanity!
Carina Terra, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainer from Seattle

As a Retreat facilitator Lydie Ometto brings a wealth of information and practice to both, inform and support participants. I especially appreciate the variety of formats she utilized including creative arts, to expand and integrate our knowledge. This is not easily put into words, it is best experienced in real time, face to face. How does one describe such energy? such loving kindness? Suffice to say it is very enriching to work with Lydie Ometto.
Susan Lachmann, M.Ed., Host & Producer of ‘Women on Air’ radio show

Sandra your retreat has set me free!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Hollie Nielsen, From Salt Lake City, Utah

Lydie keeps on assisting me to crack my heart wide open towards love & life … and for that I am forever grateful.
Mary Sanders, Nurse Practitioner, San Diego, CA



What’s included- what’s not?


  • 5 nights’ accommodation (double occupancy) at WQ Resort at the Island

  • A water front Sanctuary

  • 3 delicious and nutritious meals a day prepared with love

  • Daily yoga & meditation

  • 5 days out on the water – Catamaran – weather permitting

  • All group activities and it’s materials

  • Sunday night hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Fl

  • Shuttle transfer on Monday morning to airport for Island flight

  • Transfers from and to the airport at the Island

  • Complimentary use of kayaks


  • Your travel cost to and from Fort Lauderdale, Fl

  • Your Island Flight

  • Sunday night dinner in Fort Lauderdale and one Island dinner (to explore local cuisine)

  • Bahamas airport tax 25

  • Upgrade for private accommodation

  • Gratuities for boat crew

  • Rental of snorkel equipment (if you bring your own – no charge)

  • Your travel insurance







Investment in Your Life,
Your Sacredness,
Your Wildness – $2195.00

As you are ready to embark on this Journey-


You can register with your deposit of just 25% of the total investment
So your first payment/deposit is only $548,75

and you are securing your space for this incredible journey


head here for the payment

*** (you will be redirected to the Host website – WildQuest)


(ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE REACH OUT 423-914-0481 – Lydie Om.)



FAQ’s (frequently asked questions)


* Is there an age limit?

Yes, 18 years and up.


* Do we sleep on the catamaran?

NO, you will sleep in a wonderful bed in a safe room on the island.


* Can the chef prepare meals for my dietary needs?

Yes, we will gather that information from you after you register and make sure your meals are prepared to suit your dietary needs.


* Do I need to bring a Yoga mat and props?

if you desire to have your personal mat with you, bring on. The facility provides mats and props.



Before you Register if you have any questions contact


Lydie Om. at:   

info@lydieometto.com or 423-914-0481


or Sandra at :    info@sandrarolus.com





Only 10 spaces available now

(this will be sold out very soon)


























any questions PLEASE email to: info@lydieometto.com


April 11, 2021 @ 2:00 pm
April 17, 2021 @ 2:00 pm


Caribbean Sea